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You and your customers, joined at the hip.

BuzzMeDo connects businesses and consumers like never before. Combining the best mobile tools with great local coupons, BuzzMeDo links smart brands and savvy consumers in one perfect package.

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What makes BuzzMeDo different than all other mobile coupon and loyalty apps out there?

Simple. BuzzMeDo is about you.

BuzzMeDo™ is about getting your brand or business noticed, and making that all-important one-to-one connection with your customers. BuzzMeDo™ combines the power of text with the features of an app in one package – one package that’s designed to keep you and your customers connected.

Our Customers Love Us

We analyzed numerous messaging platforms prior to partnering with BuzzMeDo, which is hands-down the ideal organization for my company’s needs. BuzzMeDo’s professional, turn-key program combine with our exclusive deals has definitely had a positive impact on our business. BuzzMeDo drives traffic. It’s that simple.

  • 1,400 customer signed up per location
  • 92% Sales Increase over last with with April Fool’s campaign
  • 44% Sales Increase on BuzzMeDo campaign days
  • 26,594 Subscribers in 5 Months at 18 stores
Tommy RyanFounded in 1967 (20 Locations in KC area)Pizza Shoppe

BuzzMeDo has created excitement with new and exciting customers. They look forward to receiving their personalized messages. The BuzzMeDo platform is simple to use. When you want to set up a new campaign, it only takes a few seconds. And I love how we can track each campaign’s success rate and see an instant ROI.

  • 450 average subscribers per location
  • 44% average redemption rate per campaign
  • 500 redemptions in the first month
Dante PassantinoOwner, Founded Passantino Family Markets in 1945 (4 grocery stores)

BuzzMeDo pushes in-the-moment tailored coupons to shopper’s mobile devices when they’re at your stores, or near a competitor.

BuzzMeDo is about empowerment. Empowerment for merchants… and shoppers.

With BuzzMeDo, merchants make those all-important one-to-one connections with shoppers. Your customer John may want a great dessert offer, and Maya is looking for a deal on a burger. BuzzMeDo’s Ad Optimizer Engine gives you the power to make sure they both get the deal that appeals.

All your mobile marketing, at your fingertips.

BuzzMeDo puts the power of mobile marketing just a click away. Create coupons for existing customers with text or app push messages, and attract new customers with geo-targeted offers near your location, or even your competition. And with Smart Targeting, you can create custom lists by a whole range of customer preferences and information…



All your app needs, all in one place.

BuzzMeDo is more than just an app, and more than just a text marketing platform. BuzzMeDo combines the best features of a coupon app – like geo targeted offers – with the broader reach of a text campaigns. So, whether you’re a shopper looking for great deals, or a merchant wanting to put them out there, BuzzMeDo gives you the perfect place to find each other!

  • Find new great deals, and stay connected to the brands you love

  • Get offers when you’re near a favorite location

  • Connect with merchants through text or the BuzzMeDo app

  • Merchants: manage your account quickly through the BuzzMeDo dashboard

  • Consumers: manage your preferences easily through the BuzzMeDo app

Time to download your new favorite app

Get started with BuzzMeDo right now. Whether you are looking for smart deals from great brands, or want to reach savvy consumers who want to shop, download BuzzMeDo and get joined at the hip!



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